Customer Benefits:

It is important for your customers business to use their cash, working capital, and credit lines to help grow their business, not pay their insurance premiums. Insurance Premium Financing with Columbia Pacific Finance will allow them to finance their premiums over the course of the policy term with no credit checks or additional collateral.


Your insureds will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Pre-approved – No credit check

  • Preservation of company’s cash flow and credit capacity with “Off-Balance Sheet Financing”

  • Flexible payment options with no pre-payment penalties

  • Tailored terms to fit their needs

  • Easy on-line account management

  • Reprint capabilities for all documents and notices

  • Final Approach Program™ to contact your before cancellations

  • Credit reference if requested

  • Potential tax deductible Interest

  • Ability to finance polices above $1Million+++