To Our Agents and Insureds:


As we continue to monitor developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), please know that nothing will compromise Columbia Pacific Finance’s commitment to taking care of our customers.  We know everyone is facing financial hardships and we have procedures in place to help: 


Customer Service:

  • Our teams are working remotely.  Our business hours are 9AM-5PM MST Monday-Friday.  

  • Processing of mail and posting of physical checks is proceeding as usual.

  • Customers can call 206-686-0006 to make a payment with check or credit card.

  • CPF has assembled a COVID-19 Response team to assist with individual requests for payment assistance.   Please call 206-686-0006 or email to schedule a time to discuss options.  You can expedite by scheduling a call on-line: CLICK HERE


CPF Flexibility:

  • We are offering grace periods to allow extra time for insureds to make payment arrangements. Insureds can call our Covid19 Response team (206-686-0006) to get a 30 day grace period from their payment due date.

  • Our service teams are waiving all late fees upon request.

  • If you have reduced coverage on your policy and are receiving a return premium credit from the carrier please contact us immediately.  We will be able to work with you immediately to make accommodations.


Proactive Steps:

CPF is not an insurance carrier or an insurance agent.  CPF does not have control over the insurance policy or how much the carriers will retain as earned premium.   Here are some steps the insureds can take with their agent or carrier:

  • Discuss an adjustment in policy coverage and/or reduction in premium that will generate a return premium credit to apply towards insureds balance with CPF.

  • Ask for a hold on the earned premium schedule.   This grace period may allow CPF to extend repayment terms.

  • Make an appeal to carriers for more favorable terms on policies that currently have accelerated or fully earned provisions.

Cancellation Periods:

  • We are closely monitoring developments in the insurance industry and we are aware that several states are asking for insurance companies to offer cancellation grace periods.

  • CPF will issue cancellation notices after payment default to make sure you and your insureds are aware of the missed payment.   If a policy must be cancelled, this action preserves the effective date of cancellation with the insurance company.

  • Most carriers are offering grace periods for insureds to get back in good standing.  Please make a payment as soon as you can do so and CPF will issue out a request of reinstatement to the insurance carrier.   If the customer is unable to pay after the grace periods, we will work with your insurance company to arrive at a cancellation date that offers the return premium most likely to cover your loan balance.


We are in a difficult time and in uncharted waters, but we are Americans.  We are all in this together and we will all work to our best to navigate the uncertainties.   We will always be here, and you can count on us to continue providing the same high level of service you have come to expect.  

Thank You

Columbia Pacific Finance