Retain-Renew-Grow™ Program:

The Retain-Renew-Grow™ is a program that automatically transmits a customized email to the agency/agent with a list of previously financed accounts that will renew in the next quarter.  It is a “heads up” tool for the agency to start discussing renewal/payment options with the insured a few months before renewal.  Retain and Grow strengthens the insured relationship and increases retention percentage.

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Final Approach™ Program:

The Final Approach™ is a program created to reduce cancellations and maximize retention of policies after all previous notices have failed.  The Final Approach™ program enables (CPF) to call and email your insured three business days before cancellation. (CPF) interfaces personally with the insured to collect payment and avoid cancellation.  The Final Approach™ has reduced cancellations to a low 2.8%.

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CPF Programs


Flex Plan™ Program:

The Flex Plan™ was created to help agents close more business.  You can customize the due date, number of installments and billing cycle.  You are able to offer your insured's a monthly, quarterly and semi-annual plans that fits their personal needs.  A tailored approach to clients results in your agency having a decisive advantage over your competitors.