How to manage financed accounts:

How does my insured receive their bill?
• Payment coupons mailed directly to the insured at set up
•Emailed monthly invoices on request

How can my insured make their payments to CPF?
•Auto-draft via ACH (signed form required)
•Electronic check payments online or over the phone
•Check or money order can be mailed to:

             Columbia Pacific Finance

             PO Box 80506

             City of Industry, CA 91716
•Credit or debit cards accepted on-line


My insured cancelled their insurance policy, now what?
•Insured or agent must notify CPF of cancellation
•All return premium must be sent back to CPF to credit towards the insureds remaining balance

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My insured added or deleted coverage during the term, what do I do?
•If coverage is added: collect payment in full for the endorsement or contact CPF to see if the endorsement is eligible to add to their existing payment plan
•If coverage is deleted: the return premium must be sent to CPF and will be applied towards their account balance

Can I view the accounts online?
•Yes, contact CPF to get set up online access to view and manage all of your accounts


Are there prepayment penalties?
•No, the insured can call CPF for a payoff amount anytime


My insured missed their payment and CPF cancelled their policy. How can we reinstate the policy?
•Once the account is current with CPF we will send out a request for reinstatement to all parties; the decision to reinstate coverage is ultimately up to the insurance carrier